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Delivering a cost effective preventative maintenance program backed by state-of-the-art infrared technology.

10,000,000 ft² of roofing inspected each year
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About ITA

Since 1979, Infrared Thermographic Analysis (ITA) has been delivering a wide array of commercial and industrial thermography services to small-, medium- and large-sized companies across Canada. Our approach and years of experience are counted on to deliver cost effective preventative maintenance programs that minimize operational expenditures and allows maintenance scheduling rather than emergency repairs. ITA uses the industry's most advanced technology to quickly and accurately identify potential and existing maintenance problems that include:

  • Moisture Detection in Flat Roof Assemblies
  • Building Envelope Evaluations
  • Commercial Industrial Electrical/Mechanical Inspections
  • Utility Overhead and Underground Faulty Electrical connections
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Our Technology

ITA's technology serves as a predictive maintenance tool. The company's team of Level 2 Technicians inspects over 10,000,000 ft² of roofing each year across an extensive customer base made up of manufacturers, major shopping centres, school boards, hospitals, and property management firms across Canada. ITA's commitment to quality means that the inspection team is made up of federal government-certified thermographers to ensure the most accurate results, and the highest level of service to its customers.

ITA uses industrial grade, state of the art infrared scanning systems including the Flir T660. These industrial-grade imagers are used to detect defects in various electrical distribution systems. Our customers rely on ITA's technology, expertise, and maintenance programs to effectively manage and minimize operational expenditures.


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ITA takes a methodical approach to conducting its work, ensuring that the most accurate results possible will be provided. Our operators are able to analyse the seriousness of faults by taking prevailing atmospheric conditions into account, while accurately adjusting the equipment’s controls. When major defects are uncovered, the operator has normal and thermal images of the fault.

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Our crew will inspect power utility components, high voltage distribution systems, internal and external sub-station components for problems, and roofs & walls for air and water leaks.

The infrared (or heat) radiation is converted by the camera into a visible, TV like picture, where even details in walls with no defects can be identified.

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Temperature differences as small as 0.02°C can be detected, measured and recorded. The shape and location of a building's defects are depicted in the resulting thermograms.

The corresponding data and explanations of faults discovered are included with each thermogram as part of the final report, along with recommendations to remedy or prevent future problems.

Maintenance Programs


You can turn to ITA's team of professionals for a full complement of services from consultation, to the incorporation into preventative maintenance programs.

Our analysis allows you to save money through detecting potential problems early, and scheduling maintenance off-hours rather than incurring emergency repair costs.

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